All three locations buy material from both businesses and the general public. Scrap metals can be delivered to us during regular business hours or for large quantities we can arrange to have them picked up with our full fleet of roll off trucks, dump trailers and flat beds.

Ferrous – magnetic material

  • #1 heavy steel – ¼ inch thick
    • unprepared is over 4’ x 2’ dimensions
    • prepared is under 4’ x 2’
  • Structural Steel – prepared and unprepared
  • Lite iron and appliances
  • Autos- with valid title and photo id
  • Cast iron
  • Steel turnings

Nonferrous- all grades and alloy types- nonmagnetic material

  • Copper- #1, #2, sheet
  • Insulated copper wire – all grades
  • Brass – yellow, red, bronze
  • Aluminum – sheet, siding, clips
  • Stainless
  • Nickel alloys and Titanium
Scrap metal

Restricted Scrap Items:

  • We do not accept Television sets, computer monitors, photo copiers or printers.
  • Refrigerator, freezers and AC units MUST HAVE COMPRESSOR REMOVED TO BE ACCEPTED.
  • Oil Tanks must be dry and have a 24 inch hole cut in the side.
  • Propane Tanks and pressurized gas cylinders must have valve removed and also cylinder cut in half to be accepted.

Contact us now for current scrap prices or an estimate on your project.