• Honest and friendly staff buying all quantities of metals.
  • Buying from the general public, residential customers and businesses.
  • Company/commercial vehicles delivering metals must have a Commercial Account Form completed by the company prior to delivery. Forms are available at the scale window or by email
  • Metal drop off
    1. Simply pull onto the truck scale and provide photo id to be checked in.
      • Nonferrous items will go to the warehouse to be weighed on the small scale.
      • Steel loads will go to the yard for unloading.
    2. After unloading, pull onto the scale for your light weight, receipt and immediate cash payment.
      • Your receipt will list the material, price and gross, tare and net weight for each item.

Ferrous – magnetic material

  • #1 heavy steel – ¼ inch thick
    • unprepared is over 4’ x 2’ dimensions
    • prepared is under 4’ x 2’
  • Structural Steel – prepared and unprepared
  • Lite iron, Tin and appliances
  • Lawn mowers, tractors or any machinery must have all fluid drained (fuel, oil, hydraulic fluid)
  • Autos- with valid title and photo id
  • Cast iron
  • Steel turnings

Nonferrous– all grades and alloy types- nonmagnetic material

  • Copper– Bare, #1, #2, sheet copper
  • Insulated copper wire – all grades
  • Brass – yellow, red, bronze
  • Aluminum – sheet, siding, clips, extrusions
  • Stainless
  • Lead acid batteries, no Lithium Ion, NiCad or household batteries
  • Nickel alloys, Carbide and Titanium
  • We do not buy Catalytic converters.
Scrap metal

Restricted Scrap Items:

  • We do not accept Television sets, computer monitors or photo copiers.
  • Tires
  • Lithium Ion Batteries or NiCad
  • Catalytic Converters
  • Machinery must have fluids drained such as Fuel, Oil and Hydraulic fluids
  • Refrigerator, freezers and AC units MUST HAVE CFC gas reclaimed and COMPRESSOR REMOVED prior to delivery.
  • Oil Tanks must be dry and have a 24 inch hole cut in the side.
  • Propane Tanks and pressurized gas cylinders must have valve removed and also cylinder cut in half to be accepted.

Whole pressure tanks not accepted

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